Porting an Application from AppleScriptObjectiveC to Swift

Okay, first, the links:

AppleScriptObjectiveC (ASOC) version: https://github.com/johncwelch/ScutilUtil
Swift version: https://github.com/johncwelch/scutil

So this took about…two days to do. Obviously, I am not an experienced Swift anything right? So there’s a lot of things i did someone more experienced would have done differently. No, it’s not done in SwiftUI, life is too short for that UI-as-CSS torture. I’m glad y’all like it, I find it tedious as hell. Way too much work to just put a button somewhere.

It is really hard to state just how a higher level language like ASOC spoils you. A LOT. It spoils you SO MUCH. So many thing you just don’t ever have to think about. I comment the hell out of the code, so i’m not going to go into detail about it. I will say that managing running a shell command with sudo privileges was way more difficult than I thought it would be. NSAppleScript() works, but it’s really fragile and without Swift playgrounds, I might have given up. Being able to just test a thing rapidly is really handy.

Also, for the love of god, think hard before you put a project you’re actively working on in a OneDrive folder. OneDrive handles code really badly. Like VERY BADLY.

I am also working on a Xamarin version just to see the differences. I just realized that doing the Swift version first would end up being way easier for the Xamarin version.