Use PowerShell to make QR Codes

Since Elon Musk has decided to have a complete mantrum about posting links to Mastodon or any other social media, I thought I’d talk about a fun workaround: using QR Codes to post links.

As it turns out, doing so with PowerShell is really trivial:

  1. In a PowerShell window (on any platform you can run PowerShell on, this is not Windows-only at all), install QRCodeGenerator: Install-Module -Name QRCodeGenerator
  2. Once that’s installed, you can import the module for your session, although installing it in a root PowerShell session makes it available to everyone. To import: Import-Module -Name QRCodeGenerator
  3. There’s a few commands available, but really, the basic New-QRCodeText will work well for this: New-QRCodeText -Text “<URL you want to encode>” -OutPath <pathtofile.png> There’s an optional -Show parameter if you want to see the QR code before sending it.

That’s it. You can integrate that into any script you want that can call pwsh in the shell, so bash, AppleScript, whichever you prefer. So in five minutes, you can piss off an overly hemotional manbaby billionaire, and really, isn’t that what automation is for?