Pina Coladas from Scratch

This recipe is one you may have to play with a bit to get it to taste right. It’s also VERY rich, so if you’re drinking it straight or on the rocks, you’re going to fill up quick.

You can also hide a VERY large amount of rum with this recipe, so be careful. This is particularly good if you’re going with frozen piña’s.


  • 1 can unsweetened pineapple juice
  • 1 can cream of coconut
  • 1 pint half & half

Add the full can of the cream of coconut into the blender.

Pour in the half & half until the blender is about 3/4 full.

Shake the pinapple juice WELL, and fill the blender the rest of the way.

Run the blender until it’s mixed well. You may have to adjust the proportions until they work for your blender.

Add rum and enjoy.

If you want to make ahead of time, this refridgerates well for a couple days. Separation of the ingredients is normal, and is easily remedied in the blender. Tips: If you want frozen piñas, don’t use an underpowered blender. That will just beat the ice until it’s more melted than not. You really want a proper bar blender, one of the metal Hamilton Beach blenders, like a 700 watt model, or a Ninja. Fill the blender with ice cubes, preferably the skinnier ice maker ones. Add the piña colada and rum untill the non – ice space in the blender is filled. HOLD THE LID ON, and hit the switch until the insides are moving smoothly. You may have to hit the switch a few more times. Once the consistency is mostly smooth, pour and drink. You’ll probably always have some chunks of ice, unless you use crushed to begin with. Just use a bar strainer to catch the chunks of ice.