(Not) Fried Ice Cream

It’s not really fried, it just looks that way when you’re done. There are variations that do actually fry the ice cream, however this isn’t one of them. This is a bit tedious, so you probably aren’t going to make them all the time, but for a special occaision, they rock mightily.

• 1 half gallon Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream
• Whipped Cream, preferably hand – whipped, but good Cool – Whip works too
• 1 box Special K cereal, crushed well, but not to a powder.
• Chocolate Fudge topping
• Molasses
• Wide and Shallow Sundae dishes

Keep all the ingredients but the Ice Cream in the refridgerator until you use them, and put them back as soon as you’re done. Obviously, keep the Ice Cream in the freezer. The harder you can freeze the ice cream the better. You really want to make these one at a time so that the ice cream doesn’t have a chance to melt any more than necessary.

Scoop enough ice cream so that you can make a ball of ice cream about the size of a softball. Once you’re done, put the ice cream ball in the sundae dish, and put both in the freezer until it’s hard frozen again.

Once the ice cream is re-frozen, then you coat the ice cream ball in molasses, and roll it in the crushed Special K until it’s thoroughly covered, i.e. you can’t see ice cream or molasses. Put the ball back in the dish, put the dishes back in the freezer, and let it reset.

The last two steps are done right before serving.

Pull the dishes with the Special K – covered ice cream out of the freezer, cover the exposed part of the ice cream with the chocolate fudge topping, add the whipped cream and serve.