Just This One Simple Request

<originally published on Medium on 4 April 2018>

I’d like to think this isn’t too much

With all the apps and platforms coming out to (rightfully) support mothers in the workplace, single and otherwise, I’d like, on behalf of a lot of single (and not single) fathers to ask this one thing:

When we (fathers) are at the playground or around other kids or shopping in the kid’s section or in the children’s section of the library or taking pictures of our kids and we don’t have large sandwich boards on both us and our kid(s) with secure enclaves that clearly indicate our relationship to each other…or even when we do…

Could y’all please not assume, on any level, that we might be, or must actually be pedophiles until proven otherwise?

Don’t need press. Don’t need apps. Don’t need platforms. And not everyone does it. But enough people do, and it’s horrible that it happens at all. Just stop doing that. Stop asking the verification questions that you’d never ask a mother of any kind. Stop giving us the looks that you’d never give a mother. Just stop. doing. that. shit.

That would be a huge thing, doesn’t need a lot of press. Doesn’t need any kind of actual action, in fact, it needs the opposite. A cessation of that specific action.

Single man near kids != pedophile.

K? Thanks.