Keep on keepin’ on

This is a (very) sad followup to No No Honey, That’s a fon-don’t →

That post was written on the 16th of July. To date, a tech evidently did come out to my house to do something about the door on the TNI box on my house. Here is what they did:

This is not a proper repair

Yep. That’s it, they tie-strapped it. Now, had I gotten a call saying something like:

Hey Mr. Welch, this is CenturyLink, we don’t have any boxes on the truck, so I tie-strapped it on temporarily, and I’ll be back out in <time frame> to properly fix it, I just didn’t want to leave it hanging.

I’d have been fine with that. That’s totally okay, totally acceptable.

That is not what happened. No call, and ticket closed. Oh honey, no. That’s not going to fly. So I just called. For a fourth attempt at fixing this. Highlights of the call:

  1. I get snipped at about using a speakerphone
  2. I have to explain what a TNI is. That’s on the outside of the box, btw.
  3. We go on a journey of imagination wherein I picture the current setup of my DSL modem because he’s worried my signal strength isn’t what it should be. (Not like a bad cover could cause that)
  4. He wants to set up a time to fix my bandwidth. I tell him how about we fix the problem that’s been extant since the 8th of July: the broken external box. If they manage to get this fixed on the *fourth* attempt, then MAYBE we can talk about my bandwidth.
  5. I finally get him to agree. In theory, someone will be out tomorrow.

For friends of mine, no, I did not lose my shit about 1). Thought about it, but I want this fixed, I don’t want to have to deal with hurt feelings too. I am however reconsidering my “Anyone but Comcast” stance. Because at this point, I’m unsure I could get worse customer service sans tasing.

OH…right, the return label finally showed up. About a week after I capitulated, printed out my own and shipped it. I do have the receipt for that, because we know they’re going to claim I didn’t send the old DSL modem back.